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Our Company has all the experience on Painting Services; you can pick up the best color you prefer and we will mix it up for you to get the tone you love.

Our team is very competitive, very talented, artisan when painting your home or business. No doubt about it.

Well detailed job you will be totally surprised.

Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your painting project for your home or business.

Services We Offer

What our Company offer?

Before to dig in the painting services we offer you, we want to thanks for your interest to get this painting project done by us. We are here to get all that done doing our best, honestly, On-Time and affordable.

Home Painting

All your Walls, Rooms, Hallways, Woods, Cabinets Painting.  When you get ready give us a call and we will take care of all Painting in  your House.  The best color selection for you, great brightness, shiny - Glossy or Mate, that is on your preference. Thanks

Commercial Painting

Your Building deserve a great protection and we are the best to get that done. You want to get a durable painted building, with no much stress because its maintenance, we are here do it good from zero.  Fully guarantee  job. Just Call s now.


Professional when Painting inside of your Home or Business. Very Careful when we have to interact with your belonging all protected all the times. Even when we recommend to clear the area or floor to get it ready to be painted we will help you out on that as well.  Our team is very friendly and always willing to do more than just painting.


For your Business or for your house. We will paint any wall, with the best paint to protect your building again sun and rain.  We count with experts who are analyzing every project to recommend the best material and supply for your specific building made. Feel free to contact us anytime. You can use our contact form as well.

Brief Terms

A&F Bay Painting Company Care about


It is very important when selecting what kind of paint will be used on your wall or wood. We have to consider a few of factors to get this project painted to last long.


Many company just wash before applying a new paint; well we do it as well but we go beyond of that, if we see that require more job and energy we will not hesitate to do it for you.


It is very impressive when seen a painting project with a great finish, that is awesome and we love it. Whe we complete our  painting projects we focus on the details and finish.


Even when we don't offer decoration services, we offer our recommendation to get the painting project matching with your current house or building decoration.


When Rollers and Brushes are not good enough to cover the whole painting area, or when we work on though surfaces we uses Blasting Method to make sure that our job is durable.

Some external walls or specific surface need Blasting.

Water Proof

Water Proof when you want to protect your wall, furnitures or any other surface easy to get damaged by the environment. We apply our method which will be protecting pained area, making sure it will be durable even when on raining conditions.


A&F Bay Painting Company wants to get our job done properly and good looking. We use vectors and Masking to get

all our job perfectly done. Aligning the borders and separating colors. Give us a chance to get that done.

Color Matching

Working with color is a very intensive experience. Only  experienced people can determine what color  you have now and what color code you can get to finish the project without leaving the same surface with two different color.